Dairy Diary

Looking for answers to the burning questions facing dairy? We are udderly devoted to the space and the hard working folks involved.

Highlights from World Dairy Expo 2022

If you want to know anything about dairy or cows, World Dairy Expo is the place to be. Hosted in Madison, Wisconsin from October 2 to 7, the expo was filled with show cows' along with new and emerging dairy technologies.

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Farm Stress: Friend or Foe?

With each passing year, do you find yourself having to do more with less? Long days, labour shortages,
fluctuations in commodity prices, and pressure to grow your herd are some of the sources of stress for
dairy farmers.

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Four of Milk Moovement’s Must-Have Features

Every dairy farm, production facility, hauler, and trucker has different needs. Milk Moovement has a variety of features that are tailored for each player along the dairy supply chain. Here are some of the most popular features at Milk Moovement!

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