Five dairy-based recipes packed with protein

Protein isn’t just for bodybuilding or gaining muscle, it is a vital macronutrient and should be consumed every day. 

Protein repairs tissue, makes up muscle, building blocks for important cellular structures, and so much more. It really gets you mooving. Humans are recommended to consume just over 7 grams of protein for every 20 pounds of body weight every day. 

That’s a lot of protein! Dairy is a great source of calcium, but it can also be a great source of protein. For example, 7 ounces of Greek yogurt contains about 20 grams of protein! 

Here are a few recipes that are high in protein, and dairy products! 

Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Yogurt parfait is a great way to kick start your day with a protein energy boost. This recipe only has five ingredients, but it is packed with 32 grams of protein. You can also switch out the blueberries for any fruit of your choice! 


Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a comfort food staple. Boxed mac and cheese has about 7 grams of protein per serving. When it’s homemade, it’s full of nutrients! Milk and cheese make up the bulk of this 37-gram protein-packed recipe.




Tzatziki is a yogurt-based dip that comes from Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. This dip is versatile and can be used in sandwiches, gyros, and more! The base of this dip is Greek yogurt, so as you probably guessed, tons of protein! 


2 clear glasses with layers of crushed graham crackers, strawberries and whipped cream2 clear glasses with layers of crushed graham crackers, strawberries and whipped cream

Strawberry Shortcake in a Mug

Who doesn’t like a little dessert in a mug? This recipe features both milk and cream cheese. Nutrition may be the last thing on your mind when you have a craving for something sweet, but this recipe features 11.6 grams of protein! 



Cheesecake can be dressed up however you like, the options are endless! Berries, caramel, chocolate… Since cream cheese is the main ingredient, it is high in calcium and protein! The nutrients alone are a good reason to have a slice.