Highlights from World Dairy Expo 2022

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If you want to know anything about dairy or cows, World Dairy Expo is the place to be. Hosted in Madison, Wisconsin from October 2 to 7, the expo was filled with show cows' along with new and emerging dairy technologies.

Dairy Expo had quite an impressive lineup of events, including over 2,600 dairy show cows on site. Cowtestants came from around the world and competed in a variety of categories. The dairy cattle show was hands down Iain MacLellan, Customer Success Specialist at Milk Moovement’s, favorite part of the week.

The expo also featured talks from experts and highlighted new and emerging tech, including a brief presentation by Milk Moovement’s Rob Forsythe.

Here are a few World Dairy Expo takeaways from the team:

“Walking through the barns was my World Dairy Expo Highlight. It was amazing to see the level of care the animals receive, but I really loved the opportunity to talk in person and receive feedback from producers on Milk Moovement.

While we can get a lot of work done remotely, 

it sometimes doesn’t beat having an in-person conversation to hear about what’s going well, what problems still need to be solved, and being able to ask questions rapid-fire. It was a delight to meet farmers, giving me a new perspective on our tool.”

Katherine Alexander, Marketing Lead

Some of the Milk Moovement team.“Having to conduct business and build relationships over the past few years from behind a screen has been interesting. While it has opened up the proverbial ‘doors’ to be able to engage with people from all over the world, it has also presented us with challenges.

One of my favorite parts of World Dairy Expo was meeting people working on incredibly progressive projects in the industry from all over the world. From developers of cutting-edge dairy tech to leaders at the forefront of enabling producers to capture and sequester carbon, the entire experience felt like Christmas morning for me. I can’t wait until next year!”

Shelly Juurlink, Agri-Business Specialist

“World Dairy Expo gave me the opportunity to see the many players in the dairy industry and how they all come together. It was also great to see all the emerging technologies and how they help connect and create efficiencies within the dairy industry.

I previously knew about cow shows, but I didn’t realize how much goes into them. The logistics of getting cows to the shows from across the country, or even the continent, is pretty impressive!” 

Christina Manocchio, Content Marketing Coordinator

“The opportunity to attend World Dairy Expo alongside the Milk Moovement team was such a rewarding experience. We were able to connect face-to-face with our users, build relationships, and learn firsthand about the immense growth and opportunities happening in the dairy industry. The memories you make, the conversations you have, the people you meet, and the cows you get to see make World Dairy Expo the incredible place that it is.”

Iain MacLellan, Customer Success Specialist