New Feature: Raw Milk Scheduling

Milk Moovement software on a laptop

After significant collaboration with our clients, Milk Moovement has created a sophisticated scheduling feature to manage your incoming and outgoing milk supply.

We heard your feedback that scrolling through our portal to see daily and weekly supply/demand totals was a significant pain point in your operations. That's why our new scheduling feature brings all the data you need into a single, easy-to-navigate view making it a breeze for you to plan, amend, and execute your dairy operations. What's more, we built in the ability the forecast and plan demand so you can proactively manage your business.

Regular product updates and new feature development are just a couple of the benefits of partnering with a SaaS dairy supply chain provider like Milk Moovement. Be sure to book a demo today to learn more about our new scheduling capabilities!

Posted by Mooreen