Spoiler Alert - The Old Dairy Supply Chain Has Expired

John Moores, the General Manager of the Dairy Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador (DFNL) Cooperative.

John Moores is the General Manager of the Dairy Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador (DFNL) Cooperative.

 When he joined DFNL over a decade ago, he noticed that disparate supply chain management systems made it challenging to get his perishable dairy products to market efficiently. John knew that the dairy industry was evolving and that he would need to solve his supply chain challenges to unlock the potential of DFNL.

Enter Milk Moovement. Milk Moovement software tracks all milk shipments from producers to processing plants and delivers real-time information to producers, processors, transporters, labs, and dairy cooperatives. After seeing what Milk Moovement could do, John knew that he would be able to leverage the software to lower his administrative costs and gain valuable insights into DFNL's operations. 

DFNL saw immediate results. "The system improves our real-time access to correct raw data. It enables us to quickly respond to fluctuations in milk production at the farm level," said Moores. "Previously, we had dedicated staff compiling supply chain information with suppliers and customers. Milk Moovement streamlined this process and enabled us to reduce our operating cost by more than 50% while simultaneously improving the reliability of the data."

However, the benefits did not end with the cooperative. Milk Moovement benefitted producers, processors, and transporters. "Milk Moovement ensured that producers and processors received timely payments for their work and that transporters operated efficiently."

It was now abundantly clear - Milk Moovement works. John had solved DFNL's supply chain challenges and could sleep well at night knowing he found a solution the benefitted everyone from farm to fork.

Posted by Mooreen