New Feature: Custom Alerts for Producers

iPad with Milk Moovement software

This week, we dive into Milk Moovement's custom alerts feature for producers. This feature enables producers to receive a text message, a telephone call, and/or an email alert for activities on their farms.

So, let's get moo-ving!


Producers who have a Milk Moovement account can avail of custom alerts.


Custom alerts are now available for producers with Milk Moovement accounts. Producers can select whether they receive a text message, a telephone call, and/or an email alert for a plethora of actions on their farms. These actions include, but are not limited to, new pickups, lab reports, monthly reports, and shared files.


Alerts are sent to producers the moment an action occurs. For example, once your lab has completed quality component testing, you will receive a notification via your designated method (test message, telephone call, and/or email) to let you know that your results are available.


To set up Milk Moovement alerts, navigate to your Producer Portal. Then, simply log in to your Milk Moovement account and navigate to your 'Settings' page.


The foundation of the dairy industry is rooted in hard work. Milk Moovement understands that producers' time is valuable. That's why we created our alerts system so that producers have the information that they need at the moment they need it. 


Visit our help center or watch our instructional YouTube video to learn more about Milk Moovement alerts.

Please book a demo here to learn more about Milk Moovement alerts and other features!

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