5 Legend-Dairy Events at World Dairy Expo

Our Customer Success Specialist, Iain MacLellan with his show cow at the World Dairy Expo

Our Customer Success Specialist, Iain MacLellan, is no stranger to the World Dairy Expo held annually in Madison, Wisconsin. As early as he can remember, the end of September, early October didn’t invoke pumpkins or falling leaves, but rather it was a sign that it was almost time for World Dairy Expo! 

“I sat by the computer, eagerly awaiting ExpoTV to broadcast the livestream of each class and rooting for all your favourites from home. You knew names like Snickerdoodle, Pistachio Pie, and Frosty, were not desserts, but World Dairy Expo Supreme Champions! When I got the opportunity to attend Expo for the first time in 2015, it was a dream come true! I knew I wanted to try to make it an annual tradition.” 


Iain sat down with us to curate a list of the top 5 events you don’t want to miss at the World Dairy Expo this month...

5 Can't Miss Features at World Dairy Expo:

1. The “Parade of Champions”:

A pinnacle of dairy cattle show events is the Saturday evening World Dairy Expo “Parade of Champions” and subsequent crowinging of the Supreme Champion animal. Catch the spotlights, music, coloured shavings, and the buzz as you stand in front of you seven of the world's greatest cows from each of their respective breeds. It is truly a can’t miss event for anyone in dairy!

2. Badger Dairy Club Grilled Cheese:

Talk to anyone who has ever attended World Dairy Expo, and they will tell you that hitting up the grilled cheese tent is a must! While at times the line-up may seem long, the team of student volunteers from University of Wisconsin inside the tent go full throttle distributing top quality grilled cheese sandwiches for all attendees, so it’s certainly worth the wait! They release a new variety of specialty grilled cheese each day along with the traditional American. In fact, in 2019, the Badger Dairy Club put out over 30,000 grilled cheese sandwiches!

3. Walk Through the Barns:

I have walked the barns of Expo countless times during my trips down to Madison appreciating all the animals, the atmosphere, and each of their displays. The expert care of these animals and the artistry of the fitters is unmatched. Finally, the displays! Think Hockey Hall of Fame, but instead of sticks and jerseys, its signs, and banners, and well… Jerseys! A few of my personal favourite herd displays that I would recommend checking out are Milksource, Arethusa, Ruann, and Blondin!

4. Trade Show & New Technology:

They don't say World Dairy Expo is “Where the Global Dairy Industry Meets” for nothing. Over 850 companies from all over the world are there to meet you and showcase all the amazing innovation taking place in our industry. From impressive equipment, to eye-opening technology, the trade show is a must see!

5. Seminars & Education:

The World Dairy Expo team offers top-notch seminars and educational offerings to all attendees. From nutrition, to genetics, to technology, there is something for everyone. Make sure to take in some of these that may interest you and continue to learn from fellow producers, and industry professionals. Seminars aren’t your thing? World Dairy Expo also offers virtual farm tours of some of the best managed farms across the country, and the world!

Honourable Mention:

A few honourable mention picks, because World Dairy Expo has too many great features to fit it into just five! The Grand Champion selections in the Brown Swiss and Ayrshire shows are definitely can’t miss events! The Brown Swiss show features traditional Swiss Yodeling, and Alphorns while the cows enter the ring, whereas the Ayrshire show displays Scottish Bagpipes! It is really a special moment that attendees flock to.

My Favourite Part of Expo:

Finally, my favorite part of expo… the people! The dairy community, while so widespread and diverse, is so connected to one common root, the cows! The ability to attend World Dairy Expo and chat, network, socialize, and meet people just like you from all over the world truly makes it special.

Catch Milk Moovement at World Dairy Expo

We are dairy excited to be attending World Dairy Expo for the first time! Be sure to stop by booth EH 5016 to chat with our herd about all things dairy supply chain… and you might even get your hands on our cool socks! We cow-not wait to meet you!