What is user experience and why does it matter?

User experience has a role in users' everyday lives, whether they notice it or not. UX is found in many forms, whether it is buying a gallon of milk from your local grocery store to the latest and greatest app found on your phone.

The Basics: UI/UX101

User Experience, or UX for short, refers to product design and encompasses the entire experience of a product or service from beginning to end. This refers to signing up for a product, using the product, and any customer support that goes along with that.

User interface (UI) is another component of product design, which is how a user may interact with a digital product or service. An example of this would be: what steps do I need to do when completing a pick-up and drop-off of milk? Although UI/UX is often referred to in a single term, they are different. 

The biggest difference between UX and UI design is the approach while designing. The main focus of UI is the design while UX is a problem-solving design approach. UX takes into the user’s emotional response to the program and the overall experience together.

UX at the Core of Milk Moovement

Milk Moovement has put a lot of thought into its UX. Milk Moovment’s UX Designer, Jasper LaChance, has one golden rule, ‘we are not our users.’ Many designers often forget that they are not users of the software. To understand the experience, designers should look to their users for feedback, not themselves since the users are the ones who are using the program. 

The real design work started within the last year. The team has put a lot of effort into the software’s language, systems, and components for speed and consistency throughout our current design process. Through this, the UI is now modular and can be pieced together almost like a puzzle and it doesn’t need to be redesigned every time. This improvement has allowed the team to improve other areas of the app.

Recent Upgrades 

So how does this all translate into Milk Moovement’s software? Well, the UX team just received a bit of a revamp to the upload/download feature after users expressed concerns about the function. The upload/download feature was renamed to import/export and took a different approach to the layout by expanding the available files into a list rather than a dropdown. It also acts as a list of available files with actions that can be taken. Through this change, there is less confusion about the function of the feature. The UX team found a solution based on user testing and industry standards to create an experience that users will enjoy. 

New export option that was previously named download.

The new look of the import/export feature. 

New action list item.

The design team at Milk Moovement has made the user experience the number one priority. By prioritizing tools and formulas like research, analysis, user testing, and more to assess a product’s requirements and get closer to our user’s needs and wants before it enters design.

Through strong collaboration within Milk Moovement, we are creating the best possible product and disrupting the dairy industry. 

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