Paper vs. Milk Moovement's Digital Ticketing System

Man holding iPad on a dairy farm

In this blog, we explore the benefits of the Milk Moovement digital ticketing system vs. the traditional paper-based ticketing system. 

So, let's get moo-ving!

1. Data Tracking & Insights

What gets measured gets managed. Paper-based ticketing systems only show data about an isolated pickup. That is, what you see is what you get. The Milk Moovement digital ticketing system lets users track route information, pickup details, lab results, and much more! Users can harness these powerful tracking tools to gain valuable insights into their supply chain to make it more efficient.

2. Real-Time Information

Time is money. When issues occur in a paper-based ticketing system, it can take weeks or months to identify. The Milk Moovement digital ticket system enables you to see your data in real-time. You will be able to detect issues earlier before they become larger problems.

3. Error Reporting

Mistakes happen. You have a lot of data that is recorded on paper and then uploaded to a platform leaving room for errors. Furthermore, these mistakes are hard to detect and can compound over time. Milk Moovement eliminates recording data multiple times and identifies errors immediately. 

4. Time Efficiencies

Happy workers are productive workers. Let’s face it, manually entering data from carbon copy sheets is not fun for anyone. By replacing your manual, paper-based ticketing with Milk Moovement, you can spend more time on higher-value activities. Unlock the potential of happier workers and more productivity.

5. Environmental Factors

Reduce, reuse, repeat? Thousands of paper slips are used daily around the world to log milk pickups and drop-offs. Then, the data recorded on these slips is taken and entered into a database. Milk Moovement allows you to skip the paper part and upload your data straight to the cloud. It is that simple for you to reduce your environmental footprint by cutting down on the amount of paper you use! Oh, and unlike paper tickets, you can reuse Milk Moovement as many times as you would like!

Posted by Mooreen