Milk Moovement's Rob Forsythe at APEC 2023: Revolutionizing Dairy Supply Chains and Shaping the Future

San Francisco, November 16th, 2023 — In a resounding testament to Milk Moovement's commitment to innovation, Co-founder and CEO Rob Forsythe had a presence at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in San Francisco. The roundtable conversation, hosted by The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, brought together Agri-Tech business leaders to address critical issues of Food Affordability and Innovation.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Rob Forsythe, in his own words, expressed profound honor in being invited to join Prime Minister Trudeau and other industry leaders in a 90-minute roundtable discussion on food affordability and food innovation at APEC 2023, “This discussion allowed Milk Moovement to showcase its pivotal role in solving challenges across the dairy supply chain.” Forsythe made it clear to the Prime Minister that Milk Moovement has created industry-leading solutions and a proven track record of success, emphasizing the importance of dairy organizations adopting innovative technologies to reduce food supply chain costs.

Current Contribution and Future Aspirations

Milk Moovement has made a significant impact on the dairy supply through its technology. Since 2021, the company has contributed to managing a remarkable 17% of the US fluid milk supply, underscoring the industry’s belief in its product offerings. The company was excited to showcase its ongoing global impact at APEC, providing innovative solutions that help corporations navigate the challenges of inflation and rising costs in agriculture supply chains.

Milk Moovement’s software is used to better connect dairy producers, cooperatives, and processors, haulers & labs. The software is focused on providing real, concrete solutions that reduce transportation costs and ensure that all milk finds a home for processing.

In essence, Forsythe's emphasis on the impact of Milk Moovement's software not only outlined the company's achievements but also set the stage for future endeavors. The global recognition garnered at the summit solidified Milk Moovement's position as a leader in dairy innovation and underscored the importance of technological solutions in shaping the future of the industry.

Looking Ahead: Milk Moovement's Commitment to Sustainability

Building on the insights shared at APEC, Milk Moovement reiterated its commitment to supporting the sustainability and efficiency of the dairy supply chain. Forsythe commented “It is clear through my conversations with dairy organizations across North America that it is no longer a question of ‘if’ they will adopt new technology but instead questions of ‘how’ and ‘when’. Milk Moovement is positioned well to lead the industry through technological change as our agile, dynamic approaches to software are creating real financial returns on investment for our clients.

Posted by Bobby Dhillon